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and Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

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Six artists were selected for CoDi Lead a new disabled-led chamber-music pathway that puts disabled artists centre-stage. Composer Lloyd Coleman (Associate Music Director of Paraorchestra) and an ensemble of four exceptional musicians who identify as D/deaf or disabled worked with the composers/music-creators in a series of workshops, exploring the new possibilities and artistic horizons that working with disabled artists can bring.



  • Daniel Soley – composer, sound-artist and performer Daniel’s music is influenced by technology, improvisation and eclecticism

  • Jefferson Lobo – Brazilian-born music-creator Jefferson’s music is infused with futuristic, nature-inspired jazz-funk

  • Litang Shao – hailing from Hong Kong and now lecturing in Music at Cardiff University, Litang writes music inspired by Chinese arts and culture

  • Lucy McPhee – currently completing her PhD in composition at Cardiff University, Lucy explores the representation of female characters and writes music that raises awareness and fights taboo

  • Sam Buttler – currently associate composer with the Ripieno Players, Sam writes across a wide range of styles, from film and library music to concert work 

  • Tayla-Leigh Payne – Tayla graduated from Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2021 and her music explores the worlds of notation and electronic music


Following workshops across three months, the six composers’ new works were showcased at a public performance at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama on Sunday 27 March.


Daniel Soley: Quartet

Jefferson Lobo: Festivo

Kiko Shao: The Throwback

Lucy McPhee: Invisible, to you

Sam Buttler: Chariots, Death, Jewels and the Moon

Tayla-Leigh Payne: Growth and Honesty


The CoDi Lead pathway is supported by Arts Council of Wales, PRS Foundation, Youth Music and RVW Trust.

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